Mobile App Development is Dead — But Alive as Never Before

Where is Mobile App Development Today?

Mobile app development is now at its peak! There are so many individuals and businesses that demand apps and therefore, the number of mobile development companies and developers is rising as well. There are so many aspects in which app development is booming now.

There Are So Many App Startups!

Startups are launching every day and there are numerous app startups or those that need an app for their business idea. Having a mobile app for a startup is a very important and, in some cases, even a decisive factor. An app can not only support the main business idea but it can be a great aspect for raising further investments. There are also a lot of startups with creative and innovative app ideas that are in the process of building their app. Be it one way or another, it can be said that in 2021 a mobile app is essential for startups, and here is why:

Startups Featured at Ptolemay

Many startups with creative ideas have approached us at Ptolemay to help them bring their ideas to mobile devices. We have been partners of such startups like LogTime (online diary for keeping track of goals & tasks), BlockGains (crypto portfolio tracker), Grov (social & healthcare app), KIMIT (e-commerce & entertainment), UyXona (platform to buy real estate), and many more. You can have a more detailed look at our featured startups in Ptolemay’s portfolio.

Great Reasons for You to Build a Mobile App

You might be thinking what kind of app do you want to create? It can be anything you wish for and anything you are passionate about! You might want to develop an app for gaming, fitness, social & healthcare, e-commerce, food services, entertainment, media, travel, a new messenger, voice-chat app, etc. The list just keeps going and you are the one who makes the choice!

Ptolemay Supports Every Creative Idea and Bring It to Mobile Devices

Ptolemay has been in the mobile app development business since the beginning of this new tech era that we live in now. Ptolemay has worked with outstanding creators and entrepreneurs to make a change in this fast-growing industry. We have helped startups build mobile apps that have millions of downloads and are used daily. Ptolemay is not just an app developer, we are a team that brings innovation to your smartphones. Every person can come up with an outstanding idea that can change the direction towards which technology is moving. It only takes a single mind and a single idea to change the world! Are you ready?



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